Chaos to fertility

Laying the groundwork.

Our story begins with the vision of engendering footwear that meets modern demands, embracing the core values we all carry with us in our daily lives. We’re tackling the footwear industry head-on, reshaping it into a more fair and participatory system. In 2020 we ourselves got shook up by the chaos we’re all experiencing. Embodying the metaphor of the volcano motivated our team here at Footwear Studios to lay the groundwork for our own unique brand: Vulcaz

Teaming up

Passion handed down over generations.

As a family business we can trace our history of shoemaking back to the 19th century, starting with our great-great-grandfather’s little shoe store. This passion, handed down over generations, has allowed us to build on our family’s expertise. But history and tradition alone won’t reshape the future, so we teamed up with friends, combining different talents, experience, and perspectives to make this project possible.

One step forward

Something we all have to work toward.

From day one we've seen sustainability as a necessary yet intrinsic value, something we all have to work toward and continuously improve upon. For us, sustainability is an integral part of modern footwear development.

Taking action

Making space for new things to grow.

The vulcanized shoe has been a tried and trusted classic among footwear. As an essential fashion element, these shoes have significantly shaped casual streetwear, undergoing yet another transformation thanks to the new “normal” we are all witnessing. We see these unprecedented times as an opportunity to reevaluate the old and make space for new things to grow.