Changing the game

Being honest about our business practices

Ignited by undoubtful facts, the term sustainability has finally gained in importance recently.
Although prudent language drives change in social behaviour, greenwashing is not.
Using buzzwords like sustainability is not the solution to long-lasting change. We want to change the game by being honest about our business practices, what we have implemented so far, which challenges lie ahead, and how we plan to overcome them.


Our material selection is based on two essential pillars. Quality and rationality. You should not scam on things that set you apart from the ground, right?


Our upper materials are made from organic cotton. That means ecological and social conduct is the number one priority when growing and processing these organic fibres.


We see the inside of the shoe as important as the outside. The removable insole in every pair of Vulcaz is a cork-latex hybrid, providing comfort and a pleasant foot climate.


We use natural rubber to the extent that function and durability are not compromised. The unfortunate current reality is that chemicals are a necessary factor in the vulcanization process.


We considered using organic cotton to lace up our shoes, but given the current plastic waste dilemma, we opted to use laces made from 97% post-consumer plastic waste.


Our shoe box is made from recycled cartons. We ship your Vulcaz in a shoebox that also serves as a parcel box.

Constant Improvement

Education is key to achieving lasting change.

Many “sustainable” practices are often more resource-intensive and not beneficial for our environment in the long run.
We believe that education is key to achieving lasting change, which is why we’re setting up an insight platform that features critical information about the footwear industry and the creation process of Vulcaz in Wenzhou, East China.

We are working on solutions that link knowledge transmission, ethical resource use and process innovation to bridge shared values and our goal of moving toward a circular economy.

Team Up

Bridging the gap.

Vulcaz encourages. We strive to help each other overcome challenges, find passion and build something valuable, exceeding our individual goals by teaming up and working towards a larger collective core. We are constantly evaluating new projects that we can support with the Vulcaz Team. Feel free to reach out if you are an organization, team or individual looking for a partner to tackle today’s challenges together.